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Advent: God’s Invasion of Our Spaces

God is not satisfied to stand on the sidelines and watch the world He created pass by; or to watch the people He created to love as His own, destroyed. Regularly and often, in unexpected ways, He intervenes to bring justice, restoration, and salvation to our lives and to this world. The Christmas Story is all about God’s Invasion of Our Spaces.

December 1: Unshakable Promise (Pastor Stephen)
December 8: Unsettling Messenger (Pastor Vann)
December 15: Uncontested Power (Pastor Cheryl)
December 22: Unexpected Invitation (Pastor Vann)

Christmas Eve Services

December 24: Undeniable Jesus (Pastor Vann)
4pm (family focused, with light sticks for kids & child care for 2yrs & under)
5:30pm & 7pm: Candlelight service full of Christmas carols (no child care)


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Unsettling Messenger

Vann Trapp | December 8, 2019

God’s messages can be very unsettling to us at times… even His message of love and peace at Christmas. And apparently, His messengers can be terribly unsettling as well. Terrifying really! But in reality, the fearsomeness of His angels should be a great comfort to us. Angels are those who God has said He has commissioned to watch over, protect, fight for, and defend us. Let’s look at the angelic messengers of God to hear clearly the message they have to speak to us of the power of God that fights for each one of us and our salvation.

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