"C" Groups

ADULT C GROUPS (Small groups)

It is so important for us to stay connected. Join a group  that you’ll be able to meet with weekly for discipleship, community, prayer & discussion. A new set of C groups will begin the week of April 18, 2022.

The Tuesday Night Prayer Service, the Prayer Team and the Sunday night Shaped in the Spirit Prayer Gathering run continuously and can be joined at any time. Many of the study groups are also ongoing but welcome new members at any time.

C1 Compassion Groups

Grief Support

 This is a video series/discussion group for those who have lost a loved one. It will meet on Sundays from 2-4pm in the Chapel at church. This group will run from March 6-May 29, 2022. It is led by Don & Judy Zeyl.




This group will meet at the church on Tuesday evening from 6:30-8pm and is by invitation only. This class covers the basic disciplines of the Christian's walk of faith. It will begin in the Sanctuary. Led by Pastor Vann & Pastor Cheryl.

Tuesday Morning Women's Group

FULL. This group is meeting via zoom at 6am Tuesday mornings. They are studying the book of James. It is led by Serena Livingston.

Wednesday Morning Men's Group

If you are an early riser, you are welcome to join our Wednesday morning men's Bible study group. They meet via zoom at 6am Wednesday morning. It is led by Don Svendsen.

Wednesday Evening  Group

This group for both men & women meets in the Connection Cafe at 7pm beginning May 11 until June 22. Following that, the group will move back to Tuesday evenings. This group is led by Don Yeoman.

Thursday Morning Men's Group

The Easy Risers! A virtual group that meets at 6am on Thursdays, this group is for men with kids from teenagers on down.  They will be doing a book study. The group is led by Jeff Allain and Paul Lenz.

Thursday Daytime Men's Study Group

This group meets at 1pm on Thursdays in the Connection Cafe. They are mid way through studying "Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking." This group is led by Don Yeoman.


 This group meets  on Thursdays at 7pm in the Chapel on the lower level of the church. They are studying "Facing Your Giants. God Still Does the Impossible" by Max Lucado. It is led by Ken Bell.

Friday Morning Men's Group

Another early morning men's Bible study group, this one meets at 6am in the Connection Cafe and virtually. They will be studying 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings then 2 Kings, in that order. This group is led by Scott Thurber and Chris Mohn.

The Forge, a Men's Discipleship Study in the Gospel of Mark

This group will continue to meet on Saturdays at 7am in the Connection Cafe.  Jesus called His first disciples with the words, "come and follow Me." So listen to see if He is now calling you to come and join other men of Christ Church as we dig deeply into the book of Mark to also discover what it means for us to follow Jesus as His disciples today.  This is not a simple study of an old book or theoretical theology. This will be a pursuit of the living Lord Jesus Christ so that He might forge us into the men He has intended us to be. This fall the study will begin in chapter 6. It will be led by Pastor Vann.


C3 Community Groups:

These groups are all about COMMUNITY CONNECTION! You will be introduced to new people as well as those you know and love. Most of the groups will focus on fellowship and connecting with each other. We do this through prayer,  discussions, and fun!


A virtual group that reviews and discusses the Sunday sermon. They begin at 7pm on Mondays and led by Lew & Tonia Hassell.



Shaped in Spirit - a Prayer Gathering

 This group will meet Sundays at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary.God has always called His people first to become a movement of prayer...then He uses them to transform the world. He teaches us how to pray alone, in that quiet place of our heart, but also how to pray together, in that powerful movement of His Spirit called the Church. Prayer is where the Spirit meets us, speaks with us, shapes us, and trains us for continuing the life transforming work of Jesus Christ.  The spiritual life of the individual is nothing without it. The spiritual life of the church is empty without it. So, each Sunday evening, we will gather both to learn about prayer and to practice what we have learned by praying. All are invited. May God grow us into that powerful movement of His Spirit that He intended for us to become through prayer!  It will be led by Pastor Vann. 

Pray for the World

This group will meet via zoom on Mondays at 7pm to pray for one of the counties that is in the news. We will join folks from other churches as well, who have a heart for the world. Contact Pat Ritacco for zoom link.

Tuesday Evening Prayer Service

This group meets virtually at 7pm to worship, share God stories and pray for our church, community and world. Led by Robert Messore.

Prayer Chain

This is not a group that meets at a specific time, but rather a group of people who promise to stop and pray whenever they receive a prayer request via email. Coordinated by Pat Ritacco.


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