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 The Great Treasure Hunt


Treasure Map for the Great Treasure Hunt

Please click here to download your own Treasure Map to guide you through the next 3 months of Treasure Hunting!

New July treasure Hunts

These treasure hunts will take you all over the state to various places where pirates left treasures, lived, attended church (!), kidnapped our citizens, sold slaves,  or were buried. You will learn about our state's history and get to visit some interesting places in the process! And also, as we explore the history of pirates in our small state, we will also learn that their method of getting ahead only set them back... Click here for this months clues!

Treasure Movies Discussion Guides

There's a movie that fits any age or interest! Click here for instructions on the movie nights. We've included discussion guides for National Treasure, Holes, Finding Nemo and Lucky's Treasure. Click here to download the discussion guides for our four suggested movies.

Share the Wealth!

Share the wealth activities are ways to share the treasure you find on your hunt with others around you. Click here for some suggestions on how to do that.

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