Local Partnerships

Local Partnerships

Summer Off is a day camp style program that is essentially a Vacation Bible School and sports camp “on wheels.” Christ Church will be doing this July 6-9th at Sackett Street Park in the Elmwood neighborhood. There are four main goals:

  1. Evangelism leading to church planting
  2. Increase Visibility of the local church
  3. Teach the Bible to one of the least Bible-minded cities in the U.S. (Providence)  
  4. Connect and build relationships with children and their families                                                                                     

We will be supporting the Faith Community Church which is near the park.
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and social-distancing guidelines, the program will run a bit differently. We are creating an “On-The-Go” Summer OFF Experience. This will include creating digital teaching times with many evangelistic aspects as well as Bible teaching and invitations to join a local church. Information will be included in the packs and through the digital content to guide children and families to connect with a church family.

We need volunteers to help produce some videos, to put together craft packets and to go up on one of the days (July 6-9) to hand the info out and interact as much as we are able with the kids that have come up there for a free lunch. If interested in helping, contact

Reservoir School Mentoring  (closed during the pandemic) works either one on one or with small groups, in the classroom, one day a week at the Reservoir Ave. School in Providence. If interested in helping, contact .

Lunch on the Hill is a cooperative program with other churches and restaurants in the community to provide a hot meal during lunch every Wednesday at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in East Greenwich. Our church helps on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. During the pandemic they are closed at St. Luke's. If interested in helping, contact

Dorcas International Institute helps to settle refugees arriving in our state, offers classes and resources to them. Our church has partnered with Dorcas by providing household goods and high quality used clothing for the refugee families.

CareNet is a Christian organization in Rhode Island which provides health care and counseling to people facing unplanned pregnancies. Our church runs an annual campaign to raise funds for their programs.