God With Us!

GOD WITH US - bringing Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love!

This Advent, we announce again that God is WITH us: bringing HOPE, bringing PEACE, bringing JOY, and bringing LOVE to the world He loves! Join us each week as we explore these great biblical themes.

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Forty Day Adventure


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The Picture Moving Forward


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The Heart of Worship

We want to build a common vision for the rhythm of worship together. What are we gathering to do on Sundays, and ‘scattering' to do through the week?


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Make Disciples Like Jesus

One of our Mission Priorities as a church is to “become and make committed disciples of Christ who glorify God and embody our faith in every area of life.” This ten week sermon series will explore the  “discipleship encounters” with Jesus in Luke’s Gospel.

Make Disciples Like Jesus has a duel purpose:
1. Learning what a disciple of Jesus is really like.
2. Learning from the Master how disciples are ‘made.’


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Easter Season

In an age of hopelessness, regret, anxiety, and skepticism, the Resurrection of Jesus is not just real; it changes everything—beginning with us!



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Prodigal God

Prodigal means “extravagant, lavish, or wasteful.” We know the traditional name for the Luke 15 parable as “The Prodigal Son.” But it could better be titled, “The Extravagant, Loving Father and His Two Lost Sons!” We pray this series will drastically deepen your grasp of God’s grace - the heart of true Christianity.


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Radical Hospitality

Hospitality opens the door of welcome to the guest. The Gospel of Christ is about Radical Hospitality! Christ himself is the Good Samaritan who, through the cross, brings unexpected love that transforms us and frees us to love God and become a neighbor to anyone in need.



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Is Jesus' Vision Really Our Vision?

We are asking a challenging question as we enter 2016: “What if Jesus physically came to our neighborhood…our church…our homes?” Would we welcome Him? What would He say about HIS Church? Does our vision and mission as a Christian Community REALLY look like His? Do they line up?


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Hope for Everyone

Advent and Christmas, 2015
Everyone needs Hope! The story of the arrival (‘Advent’) of Jesus comes alive in Luke’s Gospel. It’s a story of hope that changes everything; a story that we can’t keep to ourselves!

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