Unshakable Promise

With the routine of Christmas and the familiarity of the Christmas stories, it can be easy to miss how radical Jesus' birth really is. God Himself invades our dark and hostile world. Throughout history, God has been invading our spaces through eccentric and sometimes strange people called Prophets. So why did many people miss it when Jesus showed up and fulfilled what the prophets had been proclaiming? Let's look at these prophets and what they said together and see how God always keeps His promises.

On Being Loved

When you lose something, your hope is that you can find it again. But what would it be like to find something that you were pretty sure wasn’t there to be found? The Bible talks about discovering the depth of God’s love and salvation as being like finding a hidden treasure in a field, or a spring of water in a desert, or like the one who has no father finding someone who loves them deeply, like a father. God’s love is a game changer.

On Being Broken

The brokenness of our lives goes deep. So deep that we don’t even see it as broken at times - it’s just normal. So, what is God’s response to the mess we are in? What is His solution to the problem of His devastated creation? How can we ever get to the place where we can join with Him in His restoration of His beautiful world?

The story of Hosea and Gomer reads like one of our modern reality shows! These are characters we know all too well – the young couple, ill prepared for their life together; their children, victims of the chaos that follows; and the surrounding culture, with no answers to address their mess. So, where is God in the midst of all this? Hosea says He’s right there in the middle of it all; reclaiming, redeeming, restoring!

The Power of Words

We know that everything in creation was spoken into being by God's Word, and he has given us incredible power in our words. So, why does it seem like many people are careless with words? With our words we have the power to change our day or to change a person's entire life. Join us as we look into the power of words, to speak life or to speak death.

Three Cords

The big revelation in the Bible is that God is not just some self-absorbed divine being living in the heavenlies, or some impersonal spirit to be “tapped into” for strength and wisdom. Instead, God is a Person (actually a Community of three Persons), who is all about relationship and who desires to have one with every one of us. God desires to be that “third strand” in each of our relationships that makes them unbreakable. Let’s see what that means…

Navigating Conflict

There is no doubt that God has designed, created, and re-created each one of us in Christ in amazing ways. But as amazing as we may be individually, together, as the Church, we are stunning! Together, we reveal nothing less than the glory of God. Let’s be the Church.

Did I Hear You Right?

We are in a language-centric world. Language matters. What we say, how we say it, and the context behind what we say can help us or hurt us. What happens in a marriage, a friendship, or in a work environment when we use language against the other - or when that language loses its meaning between the speaker and the hearer. In part 3 of Relationships That Last, we are going to ask the question: Did I Hear You Right?

Seeing Greatness

Where do we see greatness? In ourselves? In others? And how accurate are we when it comes to evaluating greatness? Inaccuracy towards ourselves brings pride, fear and ultimately isolation. Blindness towards the greatness of others brings disdain, hatred and oppression. So, how can we have clear vision in seeing greatness? Let’s talk about that…

Wired for Relationships

For six days in Genesis, God created the world; the land, the seas, the animals, the fish, the light, the sky. At the end of each day He said that what He made was good. Only after He made Adam and saw that he was alone did He say that it was not good! We were made to be in relationship with others in family, in friendship, in community. Let’s see what God had in mind when He made us.