Global Missions

The church is called the Body of Christ. We are the hands and feet of Jesus, carrying out His work in the world. 

GLOBALLY, we seek to reach out in focused, sustainable ways to bring hope to the world. 

Missionaries and Mission Organizations - We partner with mission organizations in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (e.g. One Way Ministries, SON International, Team HealthCare Inc., and Merge Ministries). We support the work of Covenant World Mission, The Paul Carlson Partnership (by sponsoring a clinic in the Congo) and Covenant Kids Congo (child sponsorship in concert with World Vision). We also support Campus Ministry through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at several Rhode Island colleges and the region of New England.

World Focus - Throughout the year we have guest speakers and special events to draw everyone's attention to what God is doing around the world. 

Short-term Trips - Each year we send several teams to work with our missionary partners as well as other types of outreach work in various countries around the world. Recent teams have traveled to Tanzania, South Sudan, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Alaska, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala,  Costa Rica, Peru, and Moldova.

For more information, contact the leader of our World Mission Team,