Current "C" Groups

Here at Christ Church we have set up groups according to our purpose statement: Compassionate - Christian - Community:

 C1 Groups - Compassionate Outreach

C1 Groups - Compassionate Outreach

Car Clinic
time: once a year - Saturday, Oct. 19 (rain date Oct. 26) 9am-12pm
location: church parking lot
what: Multi-point inspections, minor repairs, great advice!

Lunch on the Hill
time: 3rd Wednesday, 11am-12:30pm
location: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, East Greenwich
what: serve lunch and encourage those in need
contact:  Pat Ritacco

Tool Men Ministry
time: 1st & 3rd Saturday, 7am
location: Office Condo
what: meet for Bible study followed by service time helping widows or single parents with help around their house. Teams are linked permanently with one person.
contact:  Don Yeoman

Furniture Connection
time: one or two Saturdays a month,8am
location: meet in the church parking lot
what: this group collects furniture from those who do not need it any longer and distributes furniture to those in need
contact:  Trudy Ringuette

Care Center
time: most Friday mornings, 9-11:30am
location: lower level of church
what: for those in Kent County or North Kingstown who are in need of assistance.
contact 886-9251

Mentoring Program
time: 2-4 hours during school time
location: Reservoir Ave. School, Providence
what: mentor one on one or help in the classroom
contact:  Don Yeoman

C2 Groups - Christian Growth

C2 Groups - Christian Growth

for anyone

The Essentials
Leader: Cheryl Lavornia
Meeting day & time: Wednesdays 9:30-11
Meeting Location: Pastor Cheryl's office, Office Condo
Description: This study will be using "The Gospel Primer" and will focus on helping you live your faith. Learn how the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms your identity and reshapes the very rhythms of your life. It's about becoming so familiar with the power and purpose of the gospel that it flows out of your life and words in normal, yet extraordinary ways that we become good news to everyone.

Saturday Morning Expository Bible Study
Leader: Mike DeFrancesco
Meeting day & time: Saturdays, 7am, year round
Meeting Location: Church Office Condo Conference Room
Description: This group is open to people of all ages and welcomes all questions. The purpose is to simply understand God’s Word as it is presented in the Holy Bible, and to make it understandable to others.

Thursday Evening Study
Leader: Don Yeoman
Meeting day & time: Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, year round
Meeting Location: Christ Church Chapel
Description: We will be studying the Book of Exodus. Our purpose is to help men and women learn about God's plan for their life as they study God's Word together each week.

 Friday Morning Book Study
Leader: Lois Guertin ( )
Meeting day & time: Fridays, 9:30am, year round
Meeting Location: Church Office Condo, Unit 6
Description: This group welcomes everyone. We have seekers as well as seasoned members. The gospel is presented during sessions. This session we are studying Lessons from Genesis by Max Lucado.

for women

Wednesday Morning Women’s Study
Leader: Kristen Conforti
Meeting day & time: Wednesday, 9:30-11:30am,
Meeting Location: Ministry Center
Description: They will be studying Beth Moore's Mercy Triumphs. Child care is provided.

Monday Mrning Women's Study
Leader: Sonia Ward
Meeting day & time: Mondays, 10am, during the school year
Meeting Location: Church Ministry Center, Unit 1
Description: We get to know one another through studying a book with Bible references, working through each other’s concerns of every day life, and by allowing Jesus to be the example for our group. We try to be examples of how to age gracefully and remain valuable to the community. This group consists of women who can use a Senior discount.

 for men

Wednesday Morning Men’s Study
Leader: Don Svendsen
Meeting day & time: Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45am, year round
Meeting Location: church office condo
Description: We are studying Hebrews.  We are very tolerant with new people jumping in with us wherever we are at the time.  We study to learn and find “life application” rather than a scheduled or rapid pace.

Friday Morning Men’s Study
Leader: Scott Thurber & Chris Mohn
Meeting day & time: Fridays, 6-7am, year round
Meeting Location: Church Connection Cafe
Description: This men’s group will be studying Ephesians. The purpose is for learning and application of Bible principles and for mutual support and fellowship.

Men’s Cracker Barrel Book Study
Leader: Don Yeoman
Meeting day & time: Thursdays, 12-1pm, year round
Meeting Location: Cracker Barrel Restaurant, 825 Centre of New England Blvd, Coventry
Description: We will be studying Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. This group enjoys lunch together each week and especially appreciates the support and good-natured conversation resulting from our book discussion.

for singles

Singles Bible Study
Leader: Ken Bell ( )
Meeting day & time: Thursdays beginning Sept. 26, 7pm
Meeting Location: Church Ministry Center, Unit 1
Description: All singles are invited. We will be studying the book of Acts.

support groups

Grief Support
Leader: Judy Zeyl 
Meeting day & time: Sundays, 2-4pm beginning Sept. 8
Meeting Location: Church Chapel
Description: Grief Support uses GriefShare materials consisting of videos and workbooks. There is a time of sharing and a time of prayer for the concerns of those who attend. It is open to the public.

Divorce Care
Leader: Ken Bell 
Meeting day & time: Tuesdays, 7pm, beginning Sept. 24
Meeting Location: Church Ministry Center, Unit 1
Description: If you or someone you know is suffering from the trauma of divorce or separation, please join us at Divorce Care. This is an effective 13-week video and discussion series that brings hope in the midst of struggle.

For Men Only
Leader: Dennis Geoffroy 
Meeting day & time: Thursdays, 7pm, year round
Meeting Location: church office condo
Description: A sexual integrity group for men. Find victory through fellowship, accountability and transparency. For more information, please contact Dennis at or 401-623-6438. This is a confidential program.

C3 Groups - Community Connection

C3 Groups - Community Connection

for anyone

Bonham Community Group
Leader: Harry & Pru Bonham 
Meeting day & time: Fridays, 7-9pm, beginning Sept. 27
Meeting Location: Bonham’s home: 150 Fletcher Rd, N. Kingstown
Description:  A place for connection and community at Christ Church. Each week we will spend time sharing food and conversation, sharing lives and support for each other, sharing perspectives and questions about God and His Word, and sharing needs and prayer for one another. There will be no child care and there is no handicap access. Open to all.

Trapp Community Group
Leader:   & Carrie Trapp
Meeting day & time: Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm, beginning Sept. 26
Meeting Location: Trapp home: 236 Ives Rd, Warwick
Description: A place for connection and community at Christ Church. Each week we will spend time sharing food and conversation, sharing lives and support for each other, sharing perspectives and questions about God and His Word, and sharing needs and prayer for one another. Childcare will be up to each group to figure out together. Open to all.

for young adults

Sunday Evening Young Adults

Leader: Lauren McDonough (595-6747)
Meeting day & time: 7:00-9:00pm every Sunday beginning Sept. 22.
Meeting Location:  1 Brown St., #5, North Kingstown, RI
Description: The group will be studying the IVP Mark "Follow Me" Bible Study, part 1. This group is for 20-somethings at Christ Church looking to connect with one another and grow deeper in their faith. Please join us for friends, dinner, and great conversations!

for young families

Sunday Evening Young Families
Leaders: Stephen & Ashley Albi
Meeting day & time: Sundays, 4-5:30pm
Meeting Location: Office Condo (unit 6); child care in the CCkids Ministry Center (#1)
Description:  This group is for young couples (supervised child care provided). A place for connection and community at Christ Church. Each week we will spend time sharing food and conversation, sharing lives and support for each other, sharing perspectives and questions about God and His Word, and sharing needs and prayer for one another.

affinity groups

Knitting Group
Leader: Judy Zeyl
Meeting day & time: Wednesdays, 7-9pm, year round
Meeting Location: Zeyl’s home: 50 Parkwood Dr., Kingston, RI.
Description: Knitters, crocheters, embroiderers, etc. are invited to bring their craft with them and enjoy the company of other crafters.

Widow’s Group
Leader: Naomi Champagne
Meeting day & time: monthly, year round
Meeting Location: various restaurants
Description: Each month this group meets for dinner to enjoy fellowship and encouragement from one another. If you are a widow, whether it has been recent or happened years ago, you are welcome to join this group.

Men’s Breakfast Teams
Leader: Don Yeoman
Meeting day: Usually the 1st Saturday of the month during the school year
Meeting Location: Christ Church Connection Cafe
Description: Each month during the school year the men’s ministry hosts a breakfast to which all are invited. There are numerous teams that could use your help:  
   1. Food shopping team  (Shopping to be completed two days prior to the breakfast)
   2.  Food preparation, cooking, and serving team 
       (Team members for different kinds of food preparation begin arriving 6:15 a.m.)
   3. Room setup team (1:30 p.m. the day before the breakfast)
   4. Welcome table team (7:45 a.m. the day of the breakfast)
   5. Greeting team (7:45 a.m. the day of the breakfast)
   6. Cleanup team (10 a.m. immediately following the breakfast)

C4 Groups - Prayer

C4 Groups - Prayer

There are many ways that we seek to care for one another and those in our communities. Through prayer, pastoral care and professional counseling, meals, support groups, we want to be there for one another in Jesus' name.

Prayer covers all we do at Christ Church.  Individuals can receive prayer in many ways:

The Prayer Chain is a dedicated group of people who will pray for the needs that are received and helps  to "get the word out" when we need to pray for one another. Email the Prayer chain (Note: items may be edited for clarity or sensitivity)

The Church Office (401-884-8632) can direct you to a member of the staff who can pray with you or have someone contact you.

Tuesday Evening Worship at 7pm has prayer teams to pray with individuals in a confidential and personal setting. Anointing with oil for healing is available each week.

Pastors, Elders, and others are available to pray after any service of worship

The weekly bulletin has a Connect Card with room to write requests for prayer that are prayed for by the staff each week.

Pastoral Care is available by contacting the Church office to arrange for one of our pastors or other shepherding leaders to speak with you over any concern or need. They will pray with you and assess the best way to help. 

Support Groups currently offer periodic or ongoing meetings in areas such as Grief Support, Divorce CareAddiction Recovery, and Sexual Integrity for men.

The Needs Ministry cares for those within our community needing financial assistance and/or counseling. The Christ Church Care Center meets most Friday mornings from 9:00am - 11:30am at the church. The Deacons also coordinate meals for those returning from hospitalization or in times of grief and loss. Contact the church office for assistance with meals (884-8632).