Begin the Journey

We believe that being a follower of Jesus Christ means taking practical steps to be discipled (be transformed), build community, and bring compassion (through local and global service).

But where do you begin if learning to follow Jesus is a new adventure? Here are a few suggestions.

Come to Worship each week. You will learn from the on-going clear teaching of the Bible and be inspired by the prayers and stories of the community.

Contact one of our pastors. Have a personal conversation about your spiritual journey.

Introduce your children to Sunday School and your teens to ten25.

 Children are a vital part of our church community, and we value being part of their spiritual growth and development.

Attend the ALPHA course which is offered in both fall and winter. ALPHA is a basic introduction to the Christian faith -- a safe, friendly place to hear more and ask any type of question. Contact Don or Judy Zeyl or the church office for more information.

Go to My Christ Church. Become a part of our online community that keeps us in touch and up-to-date with the latest communications. 

Receive the Weekly Enewsletter in your email box by signing up in the box at the bottom of the webpage (the dark blue part). Here you will receive updates and information on what is going on at the church and in our community.