"C" Groups

ADULT C GROUPS (Small groups)

Especially now, it is so important for us to stay connected. Join a group  that you’ll be able to meet with weekly for community, prayer & discussion. Most groups this fall, with the exception of Grief Support, will begin the week of September 20th.

C1 Compassion  Groups

  • Grief Support

A new virtual session of Grief Support began Sept. 13 at 2pm. To register, go to the GriefShare website, where workbooks can also be purchased. Contact Judy Zeyl for the zoom link and instructions on watching the video etc.



  • Amazing Grays - 10am, Connection Cafe
  • Apologetics - 7pm, taught by Don Zeyl (Zoom)


  • Bible Study - 1pm, led by Lois Guertin (Connection Cafe)
  • Singles - 7pm, led by Ken Bell in the Connection Cafe (starting Oct. 15)
  • Cracker Barrel Group - 12pm, led by Don Yeoman (zoom)
  • Men's Evening Study - 7pm, led by Don Yeoman (zoom)


C3 Community Groups:

These groups are all about COMMUNITY CONNECTION! You will be introduced to new people as well as those you know and love. Most of the groups will focus on fellowship and connecting with each other. We do this through prayer,  discussions, and fun!

What to Expect: You will be sent an email with a ZOOM invitation for your night and time. These groups are roughly the same as we will play a game, get to know each other better, talk about what God is saying to you from the week around a variety of topics, pray for each other and a BYOS (bring your own snack)! They go about 8-10 weeks and last about an hour and a half.

  • Monday 7pm led by the Hassells
  • Tuesday 7pm led by the Trapps
  • Thursday 7pm led by the Pooles
  • Friday 7pm led by the Bonhams


  • Our Tuesday Night Prayer Service is meeting online at 7pm. To join, contact Robert Messore.

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